What’s a Digital Mood Board?

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What’s a Digital Mood Board?

Hi everybody, I want to talk with you about how to create a digital mood board. A mood board is something that is done during either a branding exercise or campaign and is an arrangement of images, materials, and pieces of text, etc., intended to project a particular style or concept. Graphic designers, interior designers, photographers and other creative artists use mood boards to visually illustrate the style they wish to pursue.

There are tons of articles and blog posts out there that can walk you through how to put them together, but I have done a few for clients and for myself as well and wanted to show you how easy it is to do.

For this example, I was tasked with making a mood board that I would ultimately use for creating my logo business cards and I used Adobe Illustrator to compile the different parts of my mood board, but you can create physical mood boards as well.


First, I broke down my design objectives which were that #1, the Design must be clean, easy to read, and organized. #2, the design needs to convey the types of professional services provided. #3, the design should define what HodgePodge means. Next, I moved onto creating some keywords for what I wanted my brand to convey. These included: Earthy, Funny, Warm, Social, Educated, Active, and Accomplished.


I chose a few font selections that I wanted to consider for use in my design and I included some pictures that I felt summed up who I am and what HodgePodge could do for clients.

After I created a color palette, I combined all of these elements into a series of logo designs, but ultimately landed on the design shown here and the corresponding card layout.

color palette

In summary, mood boards are a great way to convey what is going on in your head and helps translate it into something that your client can react to, and it can be a great litmus test on how well you are understood the creative brief.


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