We Can Do It: Soup-to-Nuts

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We Can Do It: Soup-to-Nuts

Soup to Nuts Graphic

Looking for a marketing pro with a graphic design background? How about a graphic designer with marketing experience? It is hard to find someone with both skill sets who can access the whys and hows a company or organization wants to brand themselves AND can bring that vision into a reality for them. It is a rare ability and is a unique offering.

When I started my marketing career, I did the traditional tasks like business development and proposals, CRM, trade shows, and event planning. The toe-dip into graphic design started with designing invitations for client events and creating signs for various functions. Then it turned into posters, email marketing templates and photo-manipulation. Before long, I was the person tapped with inside design projects that we didn’t want to outsource.

Soup to Nuts

I have designed everything from annual report covers, to a corporate calendar, too many brochures to count, print ads, newsletters, presentations, to signage and videos.

Next, I learned all about how to blend marketing campaigns and graphic design together via promotional products.

Fast forward to today. I have 3 design certifications with an Associates Degree on the way in late 2017. All along, I have stayed true to my marketing roots and have augmented my messaging capabilities with design theory and practical applications. This journey has introduced me to 2D and 3D design, photography, website development, animation, video creation and editing, print production methods and more.

When you match all of those skills with a marketing mind, you not only get a unique practitioner, you get a better business partner.

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