The Folding Boat Company

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The Folding Boat Company

I have a new client (Pete Flood with The Folding Boat Company) and so far, he is a dream client. Why, because he has his collective sh*t together. But what does that mean really? Well, for starters, he has a business plan. That in-and-of-itself is a herculean undertaking and he did it. In my experience, most business owners usually skip this vital step and wonder why things fall apart down the road. Second, he has vision. He knows exactly where he wants to go and how he wants to get there. He has been diligently working on his K-Pak folding boat idea for several years and his dream is now a reality. Third, he is a great communicator. He tells me what he needs and trusts that I can handle it for him. We have productive conversations about the details, he asks clarifying questions and he has faith that I’ll take care of it. This is a big deal, because the last group he contracted with for marketing and graphic design services fleeced him and breached the contract.

But what astounds me the most about Pete is the ingenuity of his folding boat. When you watch some of his videos on how to assemble the K-Pak, you can’t help but be amazed at the uniqueness of his product. It will be truly exciting to watch (and help) his star rise.

To learn more about Pete Flood and his fantastic K-Pak, visit, call him at 919-622-4542, or email him at:

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