Is Freelancing a Paradox?

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Is Freelancing a Paradox?

I was very happy to be featured this past week in the NC Bloggers Network {Meet} series. This “getting to know you” series had a lot of the questions that were easy to answer, but I found myself at an interesting crossroads: promote me or promote HodgePodge Marketing. That is a toughie because as a blogger, I have published waaaaay more on my personal blog (136 to be exact) than professionally. In fact, some of my best writing has been done on Machinations4u. But as I try to get myself out there professionally, I have found that I am trying to focus more on HodgePodge Marketing.

Freelancing is a bit of a paradox because you are the company and the company is you, but you almost have to draw a line and decide how you want to be perceived. Do you showcase work that you did for other companies you’ve worked for before you went solo? The work you’ve done is part of your experience, but can you or should you promote it?

I say yes. Yes, because after all, you are your brand. I know that I’ve included graphic design pieces that I am particularly proud of on Behance even though I designed them as an employee. At the end of the day, I designed it. I was integral to the project. I created the marketing campaign. I hit the send button and tracked the progress.

I say yes until you’ve created enough pieces professionally that can stand for themselves and let the other examples fall lower on your portfolio.

That being said, I was definitely conflicted on my blogging. So much of my personality and my mindset are defined in my personal blog, but when you are writing professionally for clients, you have to check your attitudes and beliefs at the door and write for them. I felt compelled to share more of me though when profiled.

The NC Bloggers questionnaire asked me to pick 1-2 blog posts that I was proud of and I had a hard time narrowing it down. Here are some of my favorites.


  1. Smashing the Stigma
  2. Are You Prepared?
  3. Community Building 101
  4. Backyard Bird-Watching
  5. Boredom Busters


  1. Nudist Buddhist
  2. Robequest
  3. Everything starts in the sandbox
  4. What is your Celery?

But enough about me and my conundrum. What do you think? Please share your thoughts on this. As a freelancer, how do you approach promoting yourself?

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