Design Fails and How to Avoid Them

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Design Fails and How to Avoid Them

I came across this post by Bored Panda about design fails and figured I’d give it a peak. We all have a need sometimes to look at examples of bad design to appreciate good design. Most of these example are truly cringe-worthy and cause me to wonder what goes through some folks minds when they are designing solutions.

One of the very first questions (aside from budget) should be, “where and how will this design be shown or used?”

Planning is one of the key components to a design project and all too often it is one of the last items considered. Sure a designer will ask what the finished size should be or what material will the design will go on, but they are relying on marketing to be thinking about #4 of the 7 P’s.

Since I have my feet planted in both perspectives (marketing and graphic design), I can say that I do think about context, but I have come across so many examples where there was a disconnect. Sure it is great fodder for lists like Bored Panda’s examples, but I’d venture to challenge designers to ask the questions posed above so that they could be fewer of them.

Have a peek and please feel free to weigh in on this.

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