Crafty Paws Paper Goods

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Crafty Paws Paper Goods

Say hello to my friend Michelle Boggs. She is an avid crafter and started a card making business called Crafty Paws Paper Goods about 4 years ago after she discovered scrap-booking. What started with a bunch of leftover paper scraps (and all of the paper craft supplies) has turned into quite a good card-making company that seemed like a natural progression for her. She named it Crafty Paws because her Scottie, Brody would always sit at her feet when she was working on her projects.

Michelle has been steadily building her card-making business via social media and other more traditional marketing methods like craft shows. I recently sat down with Michelle and talked with her about her approach to utilizing social media as a way to promote her business. Here is what I learned.

  1. What Social Media channels do you use related to your interest or business? Currently I am on Etsy, Facebook, and Pinterest. I have 123 admirers on Etsy, 236 followers on Facebook, and 64 followers on Pinterest.
  1. How much time do you spend each week on Social Media Marketing? I spend about 5-7 hours a week on social media. I mostly take photos of my recent work, modify them with my watermark, create and organize new albums like Father’s Day, etc. Plus, I try to promote upcoming holidays and I like to keep an eye on my social stats (dislikes, unfollows, etc.).
  1. How do you engage visitors to participate and share their content or thoughts? I don’t let others share content on my posts. I am trying to do more interactive posts where you ask questions like, “Which color do you prefer on this card?” Or I am trying to reveal more of my personality in posts like, “Father’s Day is only about 10 days away! What will you get your Dad for his special day? I always like to bake my Dad a cake. He’s got a real sweet tooth!”
  1. How does this social media engagement benefit you? I am able to get feedback from viewers by way of liking colors/styles over others. Pinterest seems to be better than Facebook in terms of more eyeballs on my work, and I make sure to watermark everything.
  1. How does this social media engagement benefit your audience? I think that social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest allow folks to see the scope of all work, not just what is on Etsy, and it allows for communication and business opportunities. I have gotten orders from some of the Facebook conversations I’ve had.
  1. How do you feel about social in general? It has really helped to get my business out there without having to invest too much money. I’d like to grow my business some more (via consignment shops or craft shows), but I am still looking for the right niche and social media helps keep me out in the public eye.

Here are some of Michelle’s Father’s Day Cards. Tell me what you think.

King of the Grill Card by Crafty Paws Paper Goods
Coolest Dad Card by Crafty Paws Paper Goods

Tie Card by Crafty Paws Paper Goods

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