The Story Of the Creative Commons Logo

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The Story Of the Creative Commons Logo

One article that recently caught my eye, was, “A Masterwork in Simplicity: The Story of the CC Logo” by Jay Walsh. In this article Mr. Walsh outlines the creation and evolution of the Creative Commons Logo. He also provides the background information on the campaign surrounding the identity launch and MoMA formally acquiring the Creative Commons Logo as part of the museum’s permanent collection. This is a great example of a robust design and marketing campaign. Why?

Well, the first thing about starting any marketing or design campaign is to do a situation analysis followed by stating objectives. Per Jay Walsh, “The [Creative Commons] logos have had an incredible influence on the Internet and global society, and far-reaching, future impacts are coalescing every day. The world knows a lot more about Creative Commons in 2015 than it did almost 14 years ago when the organization was founded, but few know how the logos came to be, who created them, and what informed their creation.”

The challenge faced by the designers of the Creative Commons logo was creating a symbol that would be globally recognizable to folks who were interested in utilizing part of someone’s design in their own. It needed to transcend language barriers and have enough iterations to accurately decipher usage boundaries. What I love about this article is that it showcases in a very real and relevant way the problems all designers face when working to solve complex design issues that have far-reaching and topical relevance to the design world.

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