Why is the about us page one of the top visited pages on a website? Simple really. This is where you get a peek into who we are and what we are like. At HodgePodge Marketing, we are nothing if not diverse.

With a skillset ranging from cat-herding to duct-tape engineering, we’ve done or seen most of the marketing trends in the last 20+ years. What we have learned is this.

It is about listening.

Listening to what is important to our clients and then delivering solutions that are common sense, human, and true to their brand.

Picture of Sylvia French-HodgesSylvia French-Hodges is a Communication Specialist who’s had  a dynamic marketing career focused on communications and competitive positioning. She’s been instrumental in helping create powerful marketing campaigns that have consistently delivered new business, revenue and awareness. She focuses on social media strategies and campaigns, e-marketing, collateral creation and graphic design, presentations and proposals, marketing plans, CRM, targeted sales campaigns, prospect research, company dossiers, and strategic planning.

Her specialties include: Brand Management, Marketing Communications, Strategic Market Planning & Positioning, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Event Coordination, and Promotional Products.

Picture of Marsha Raye CumbMarsha Cumb is a research associate, data base manager, and CRM specialist. She also has experience in writing, copy-editing, and test case development.